South Korea is well-known worldwide as a plastic surgery hotspot, where people from all over the globe go to have their procedure, especially for rhinoplasty or nose job. Medical tourists choose to fly all the way to Korea to have work done because of their innovative techniques. If you’re one of the many who are considering having their surgery, it won’t be hard to find accredited rhinoplasty clinics in Korea.

With that said, having more options also makes it hard to settle in only one. Every patient has specific goals and needs for their rhinoplasty surgery. This makes finding a clinic that is aligned with your preference more vital. When searching for the right rhinoplasty clinic in Korea, consider everything you need in having surgery in a foreign country, from preparation to recovery. Some of them offer packages for international clients that usually include accommodation and other things to help you on your trip. It is also best to find a place whose staff are fluent in English for easier communication.

Here are some of the top rhinoplasty clinics in Korea to help you in your research process. Take note that most of these clinics are located in Seoul and known to cater to foreigners.

JK Clinic of Plastic Surgery

Located in Seoul, JK CLinic took 20 years to be established. It was worth the wait as it is now known among international clients because it is recognized by the Health and Welfare ministry. The clinic’s medical team consists of specialized and certified surgeons and anesthesiologists acclaimed for high precision surgical techniques.

JK Clinic specializes in different procedures such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation with Motiva® implants, Double Eyelid Surgery, Liposuction, Botox, Hair Transplant, and Eye Revision.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic

Another rhinoplasty clinic in Korea that you need to check out is the View Clinic. They have a team of doctors of qualified caliber and specialized surgical procedures, assuring to achieve your desired results. Most of their surgeons also perform 4-5 procedures in one intervention, ensuring you have the best nose job possible. 

They offer a range of plastic surgery procedures focusing on the breasts, eyes, nose, face, and body. They are also known for providing breast surgery using Motiva® implants.

The Line Clinic

The Line Plastic Surgery prides itself on its patient-oriented services, continually studying the most innovative techniques to give its clients the best results. Their philosophy extends to international clients. They have a team of professionals that are fluent in English, and they also can provide translators for you.

The clinic is also accredited by the World Health Organization for their safety. The Line Clinic offers various plastic surgery centers, including Eyes and Nose Center, Face Outline Center, Lifting and Anti-aging Center, Breast Surgery Center, Body Contouring Center, Anesthesiology Center, and the Postoperative Care Center.

If you are interested, you can make reservations online, where you can also see some of the high-profile clients they have worked with in the past. The clinic also offers plastic surgery workshops, seminars, and hands-on courses, staying true to its goal of keeping up-to-date with the latest medical innovations.

JW Plastic Surgery

JW Plastic Surgery is a go-to rhinoplasty clinic in Korea for foreign patients who want to have their operation. The clinic offers its clients specialized coordinators in either English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, or Thai. These coordinators will work with you and serve as your guide throughout the process, starting when you land at the airport to when you’re set to leave Korea. 

Furthermore, their team consists of skilled medical professionals. The majority of their surgeons finished their medical degree at the renowned Yonsei University, one of the top universities all over Asia.

JW Plastic Surgery is most well-known for its eyes, nose, and revisions surgery, as well as breast augmentation with Motiva® implants.

VG Plastic Surgery

Located in Seoul, VG Plastic Surgery Provides a wide range of plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments for the face and body, and even non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Their team consists of specialized medical professionals whose vast surgical expertise prioritizes patient safety and produces satisfactory results.

VG Plastic Surgery aims to maintain exceptionally high-quality services, thorough hygiene management, onsite anesthesiologists, and utilizing the latest equipment and technologies. Furthermore, the clinic prioritizes the patients’ needs and goals, only recommending treatments needed by their clients to achieve their desired results.

Aside from rhinoplasty, they also offer a range of procedures focusing on the eyes, face, breasts, and body.

Those are only some rhinoplasty clinics in Korea that you can check out for your operation. Of course, there are many more that you can find within or outside Seoul, or even outside of Korea. 4 has been known as a hotspot for those who are interested in having a nose job. Countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand also have several accredited clinics with state-of-the-art equipment and specialized surgeons for competitive prices. Also, they offer more than rhinoplasty, including procedures such as breast surgery with Motiva® implants.