South Korea VS Malaysia Breast Augmentation: Which Is Bettery Country?

When talking about plastic surgery, Asia is a well-known hotspot for beauty lovers and surgical enthusiasts. It is because the region has become known for its innovative plastic surgery techniques that are being offered at competitive prices compared to other Western countries. One of the more popular procedures is breast augmentation. Whatever may be your desired results, there’s surely a clinic that caters to your needs.

More specifically, South Korea has made a name for itself as a go-to place for those wanting to undergo plastic surgery. It would not be surprising if you have seen a clip from Korean extreme makeover shows. Here, people who are insecure about some aspects of their physical appearance undergo cosmetic procedures. The before and after images become uncanny, where the results are seamless and very natural looking.

Because of this, some consider South Korea the “Plastic Surgery Capital of the World”. Many patients, local and foreign, flock to the country to have their surgeries done. With its title, it is also not surprising that plastic surgery in South Korea tends to be more expensive than other neighbouring Asian countries.

With the high demand, many other Asian countries are increasing their plastic surgery game. Countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines have also become known as medical tourism hotspots, especially for breast augmentation. 

With that said, there is one more unknown player when it comes to plastic surgery, Malaysia. It is not one of the first countries that come to mind if you’re thinking of undergoing breast augmentation. However, throughout the years, Malaysia is cementing its place in the cosmetic industry. It earned the title of Overall Destination of the Year at the International Medical Travel Journal’s (IMTJ) Medical Travel Awards, consecutively from 2014 to 2017.

So, what makes Malaysia a good place for breast augmentation? Is it better than South Korea? We’ll break down some aspects of undergoing breast surgery, by comparing and contrasting these two countries. In the end, we hope to help you in your decision making.

Medical Facilities

Both South Korea and Malaysia have state-of-the-art facilities for breast augmentation. 

Many hospitals and clinics in both countries are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is a healthcare accreditation and certification body that promotes rigorous international standards to improve patient safety and the quality of health services. The organisation also ensures that these medical facilities meet the needs of medical tourists.

With that, many clinics in these countries also have international patient centres, which cater to overseas patients. This may include booking of accommodation, language assistance, airport transfer, and other things that make the medical convenient for the patient.

Plastic Surgeons

You can find certified and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons that perform breast augmentation in Malaysia and South Korea.

South Korean doctors usually have an annual training requirement, which they need to meet every year, to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest techniques and procedures in breast augmentation. This may include several workshops, lectures, and conferences, both local and international.

Similarly, Malaysia has a great number of doctors with extensive training and years of professional experience in breast augmentation. Moreover, many Malaysian surgeons are members of the leading group of board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Of course, it cannot be helped that bogus surgeons and clinics are lurking amongst certified facilities. So, it is still important to do your research and find a place with proper certification and years of experience with breast augmentation.

Federal Support

Many Asian countries recognize medical tourism as a viable industry. That’s why local governments start to give support to many medical services in their country.

South Korea’s government has made initial efforts to improve the country’s plastic surgery industry. It helps clinics and hospitals with marketing strategies for an international reach. The country also simplified the visa application for overseas patients.

Malaysia also has given great support to its local medical tourism. It created the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), an agency under the Ministry of Finance. The agency’s purpose is to expand the country’s medical tourism market by targeting more international patients and revamping its international healthcare brand.

Why is federal support for plastic surgery important? It just shows that the country you’re heading to places great emphasis on improving their medical facilities and services for international patients.


Pricing is a major difference between these two countries.

As mentioned earlier, plastic surgery in South Korea tends to be pricier than in other Asian countries. For breast surgery, the price can range up to $20,000.

Breast augmentation in Malaysia offers at a more competitive price. Depending on various factors, the surgery can cost around RM 30,000 to RM 35,000. Commonly, RM 32,000 (or $6,957) is a sweet spot for undergoing an operation in the country.

English Fluency

It is important to know how many fluent English speakers are there to assist you throughout the whole process of your surgery. For surgeries like breast augmentation, it is important to have people who will guide you every step of the way.

South Koreans tend to understand more English than they can speak. Locals generally don’t have enough opportunities to speak the language. Even though they speak little of it, it does not mean they do not understand English. Still, you might have a harder time with communication, especially for something as complicated as surgery.

Malaysians tend to be more proficient in speaking English. Even though the country’s primary language is Malay, English is taught as a strong second language. As a result, even if they might not be fluent, most Malaysians understand and speak English at a conversational level. There might be a clearer conversation between you and the healthcare provider as they’re more accustomed to the language.

Breast Implant Brands

Breast augmentation Malaysia and South Korea carry various brands of breast implants. Consequently, both countries are among the over 60 countries worldwide that offer Motiva Implants®. Motiva® is the 6th generation of breast implants, which is designed to address medical and aesthetic issues that previous implants don’t. 

It is known to create natural looking results, thanks to its unique silicone gel called ProgressiveGel®. It is ultra-soft, while still giving optimum projection and fullness.

Aside from aesthetics, Motiva® has a great safety profile. According to prospective studies, Motiva® is found to have less than 1% of cases of implant-related complications, such as capsular contracture, rupture, and seroma. It also has zero reported cases of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of lymphoma associated with textured implants.

Furthermore, selected clinics in Malaysia have recently started offering Motiva Ergonomix®. Ergonomix® is one of the unique offerings of the brand. Unlike other breast implants, it is designed to mimic the natural movement of the breast. It has a round shape when lying down and a more anatomical shape when standing up, thanks to its innovative silicone gel called ProgressiveGel Ultima®.

Moreover, Motiva implants Malaysia and Korea comes with various warranty programs with their implants, assuring you safety even after your operation.

So, which country is a better choice? South Korea or Malaysia?

The conclusion is dependent on you. Each country has its perks and depending on your goals, you can find a place that can help you.

Realistically speaking, South Korea and Malaysia are the same in many aspects, especially in the quality of their service. However, if you are more budget conscious and prefer to have someone who can converse well in English, you may consider  undergoing breast augmentation in Malaysia.

Either way, it is important to do your research to make your medical trip worthwhile.