Is Drinkable Skincare Becoming a Trend in South Korea?


The popularity of the Korean wave, also known as Hallyu, has spread all over the world. The rise of Korean culture, as well as the widespread attraction of people to Korean foods, dramas, make-ups, music, and movies, are pretty evident nowadays. Simply put, these factors have been the standard of most Korean women about their style, looks, and sounds. 

Koreans can top the list when we talk about cosmetics and skincare routines. Korea has become the standard of many cosmetic companies. As many Korean consumers are aware and knowledgeable about a variety of cosmetic types, products, and ingredients, they need to be keen on choosing the best beauty products. 

One of the rising beauty products in Korea are the drinkable skincare that give active and younger-looking skin. Some of the popular skincare products do facilitate the production of collagen for glowing skin, while others facilitate anti-aging. In terms of recreation of the production of collagen plus elatin, a new and only drinkable Amino Acid patented formula, called Nutrakos, is created to fully support an individual’s journey to younger and glowing skin. This dietary supplement of amino acids can surely support your aesthetic transformation. 

What is Nutrakos and Why Take It?

With the fact that our bodies are exposed to internal and external stress day after day in the likes of exposure to sunlight, pollution, poor nutrition, and stress, the consequences it embodies translates over time to wrinkles, loss of skin tone and elasticity, plus weak nails and hair.  

Nutrakos, as an aid to the mentioned factors,  is a daily food supplement that demonstrates significant results in improving skin hydration and elasticity while maintaining and protecting skin well-being. Most Koreans are conscious about their skin appearance, and because Nutrakos helps in the regeneration of helping tissues, the results will be more significant in the deepest dermis layers where changes in biological functions triggered the skin aging phenomenon. 

Also, Nutrakos aids in the development of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. In other words, a greater concentration of amino acids in the skin induces an increase in the rate of collagen and elastin production. As an effect, the texture and appearance of the skin improve greatly.  It is known as the new generation of cosmetic medical drinks for skin clinical treatment of mature skin concerned with aging, loss of firmness, elasticity, hydration, and radiance.

This product is recommended to be taken daily for best results. Besides, it is a dietary supplement so a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should be kept in practice.

The Rise of Nutrakos in South Korea

Because of its physiological benefits to individuals, Nutrakos has increased its popularity in South Korea, and other Asian countries such as Singapore. The unique mix of the essential 6 Amino Acids, which is 100% absorbable by the body resulting in the overall improvement of skin health, stronger nails, and healthier hair, pave the way to create talkability about Nutrakos . 

Another reason why consumers are consuming this product is because of its known benefits for helping the production of nutrients and essence to the skin via science as drinkable skincare. Further, over the years of research and refinement of the formulas, the relevance of the mixed amino acids are seen to help restore, repair, and stimulate collagen and elastin from the deep layer of the skin. 

Besides, Nutrakos is established by Professional Diabetics, an Italian R&D company that specializes in amino acids based formula for research and medical use. From this, it has been established that the product is designed not just for safety but also for aesthetics.  You can also go to Nutrakos Korea website for direct inquiries and more product variants.