Double Eyelid Surgery Costs in South Korea 2020 Guide


South Korea is known to have the highest rate of surgeries in the world. One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is Double Eyelid Surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes the skin around the eye. The goal of this procedure is to create an upper eyelid with a crease from a naturally non-crease eyelid. 

If you opt to undergo this procedure, it will help you achieve a substantial and livelier looking eye, or even correct any asymmetry to achieve a better-looking eyelid shape. As this procedure promises  permanent results, you should also note that if you wish to go back to your old look, there are also less invasive options that are reversible. Besides, setting up realistic expectations before going to the surgery is a must for better results. 

The double eyelid surgery price range starts from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the style and surgery type performed. To give you a contextual understanding of the different surgery methods and double eyelid styles, you can continue reading below. 

Different Types of Double Eyelid Surgery Methods in Korea

  • Non-Incision Method

This method is known to be non-invasive that is suitable for people with thinner eyelids. If you want to achieve natural-looking eyelids without any incision, then, this procedure is the right one for you. The non-incision method, also known as the Buried Sutured Method, is one of the original techniques for double eyelid surgery and was widely popular back then. Contrary to making incisions, this method creates a few small slits or sulcus on the upper eyelid and then connects the levator muscle to the skin with the use of thread to create a crease. This method is also suitable for you when you are looking for fast recovery and natural results. 

  • Incision Method

Incision Method, also known as Full Incisional Method, is the most common type of double eyelid surgery in South Korea. If you want to define your eyelid and achieve a long-lasting natural look, you may opt to undergo this procedure.This method requires the removal of excess fat, muscle, and skin and controlling various tissues. Furthermore, it is the best technique among the three methods if you are looking for more permanent results, but when compared to the non-incisional approach, it takes a longer time to heal. This method is suitable for you if you have thick and droopy eyelids with excess fats. It is also ideal if you are looking for revision on your existing double eyelids. 

  • Partial Incision Method

If you want to have a more ensured result with minimal scarring and maintaining the natural look of your eyelids, the partial incision method can be your option. This method is an alternative to the non-incisional and incisional methods and uses a combination of both techniques. The Partial Incision Method is best suitable for people who have thicker eyelids. If you have gotten a non-incisional surgery before but have loosened over time, this can be suitable for you. Further, this method offers a gentle but defined point with surgical incision care while giving you natural and beautiful eyelids.  

Different Styles of Double Eyelids

  • Infold

This style is the most common among Asians and is known as the simplest form in the eyelids. It  starts from the inner corner of your eyes, resulting in the folding of the inside of the eyelid and tends to appear wider along the eyelids. This style creates a traditional look in the eye. It is suitable for people who do not use bold makeup and want a more natural look with faster recovery. 

  • Outfold

When compared to infold style, outfold double eyelid creates a sophisticated, modern, and westernized look. It is well-liked by Koreans who opt to have a loud and glamorous look while achieving big and defined eyes. Its eyelid crease starts apart from the heads of the eyes without touching the inner corner. If you want to achieve a more natural result, you should set realistic expectations within the medical limitation.  

  • In-Out Fold

When we talk about trends, this style has the highest popularity in South Korea. In this style, the double eyelid starts at the lowest point from the outside of the Mongolian fold. The eyelid becomes wider along the eye line that results in an infold-like style from afar. If you want to have a combination of infold and outfold results, this style is best for you. Also, this helps you achieve big and natural-looking eyes. 

This article serves as a guide for double eyelid surgery in South Korea. We still urge you to consult your trusted surgeon with the surgery method and style that best suits you. Nonetheless, if you are interested in getting additional information about double eyelid surgery and other plastic surgery procedures, you may read more by clicking here.