Our Preferred Implant - Motiva Breast Implant

Implants are essential to breast augmentation. For the patient’s desired results, it is important to select an appropriate implant in consideration of the individual physique condition, the shape of the breast, the amount of tissue, the degree of swelling, and insert it in the correct position. The problem, however, is that the features of the implants are different and that the shape of the breasts varies from person to person.

There are many implants in Korea to choose. There is one implant that we preferred which is Motiva Implant®. The reason is that it has a high patient satisfaction rate and we care for what our patient will get.

Motiva Breast Implant®

Motiva has more than 30 years experience in advanced breast implant manufacturing, research development to present High-end breast implant that is well known in more than 60 countries as premium breast implants. ​​

MOTIVA breast implant is designed to improve both patient’s and the doctor’s satisfaction.

Doctors’ main concern was the rippling effect of the round type breast implants, and rotation of the anatomically designed implants. However, the patient’s main concern was on the texture and the shape of the breast after the breast augmentation.

True tissue technology™ allows the gel inside the implant to move naturally. It is a combination of unique elastic elastomer and unique rheological properties of ProgressiveGel Ultima™.

Motiva Ergonomix™ presents natural shape regardless of the position, mirroring the movement of natural breast tissue by the gravity.

Motiva Round Implant

The most common form of breast implants is round shape. Round implant is the most commonly used implants because the central part is the highest type, it has the advantage to achieve fullness of upper breasts with round bottom and curved middle area at the same time.

Features of Motiva round implant:

  • Balanced gel elasticity and firmness

  • Increase upper-pole fullness

  • Younger active look

  • Fullness profile

Suitable Candidates for Motiva Breast Augmentation

Motiva round implant is suitable for patients who want their breasts with full volume on the upper parts.

  • Minimum breast sagging
  • Central nipple placement
  • Breasts are located near to the chest
  • Have nearly perfect breast shape

Why Motiva Breast Implant


BluSeal® maximizes safety. You can see from the surface of blue colours which indicate the likelihood of a spherical build that can occur as the gel flows out of the implant is lower and allows you to pinpoint the condition of the implant, such as ruptures.

Nano Texture Surface

Motiva is made of nano-sized particles of the surface of the implant and is fine and elaborate. It is done using a controlled surface treatment through Motiva 3D Inversion&trade manufacturing process. There is very little genetic allergy due to spherical construction caused by friction and unnecessary foreign substances. The consistent implant shell also reduces the risk of capsular contracture and late seroma.

Minimal Incision

Motiva’s excellent elasticity and controlled surface allow implant insertion through smaller incision (2.5cm to 3cm).
Traditional implant requires an incision about 5cm. The insertion is easier and the implant mechanical qualities under stress is improved due to the high performance shell (TrueMoboloc®) which makes the shell to act as a whole structure. Motiva can be easily inserted through small incision sites as its surface is even and smooth.
Small incision results in lesser pain, lesser bleeding, minimal scars and quick recovery.


It is the world's first FDA approved RFID micro-transponder for use in human. It provides protection and convenience through fine chip inside the implant. Motiva implants have a build in chips with unique information that allows you to see all the information about the product through a portable reader.

In cases of capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV specifically, all Motiva® Breast Implants are covered by Product Replacement Policy, within a period of 10 years.



For the lifetime of the device, every Motiva® Breast Implant is under the Always Confident Warranty® in cases of implant rupture.


In cases of capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV specifically, all Motiva® Breast Implants are covered by Product Replacement Policy, within a period of 10 years.


In addition, patients can sign up for the Motiva® Extended Warranty Program(s), depending on their personal case:

• For Motiva Implants® without Q Inside Safety Technology™, under the 2Y Motiva Program™
• For Motiva Implants® with Q Inside Safety Technology™, under the 5Y Motiva Program™

Aside from replacing the product, the Motiva® Extended Warranty Program can offer patients a certain amount of financial assistance for each affected implant. However, the financial assistance is only applicable for covering the cost of the revision surgery for cases of rupture or capsular contracture Baker grades III and IV.

*Note: For patients with Motiva Implants® with Q Inside Safety Technology™, if you do not wish to sign up for the 5Y Motiva Program™, you will be applicable for the First Year Free Coverage for financial assistant coverage for the first year following implantation.

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