The industry of medical tourism continues to grow and become more popular as the years go by, especially in the field of plastic surgery. People who are interested in having certain features enhanced are looking into having their operation in another country. Because of the growing market for plastic surgery, Asia has gained traction as a medical tourism hotspot in recent years. As a result, many Asian countries are offering various types of plastic and cosmetic procedures using the latest techniques and equipment at a competitive price.

Of course, each person has different and specific needs. To find the right place where you can find the best and safest clinics that are within your budget, you need to do comprehensive research. If you are someone interested in having your surgery overseas, starting your research may be overwhelming. To help you, here is a rundown of the countries offering plastic and cosmetic procedures in Asia.

South Korea

When thinking of plastic surgery, South Korea is one of the countries that immediately come to mind. The country is well-known all over the world for its latest innovation in plastic and cosmetic surgery. As a result of its popularity, the price for surgery in Korea is relatively higher than in other Asian countries. Though, the higher cost is worth it for the quality results you will have after operation.

Aside from being a medical tourism hotspot, South Korea is a getaway place for worldwide travelers. There are many accommodations to choose from according to your budget, whether it be three to five-star hotels or more affordable spaces like motels, hostels, and guesthouses. Many of these places are near bus and train stations. The convenient transportation can help you visit cultural heritage sites, restaurants, and beach/mountain resorts.

If you are looking into having your surgery in Korea, it is better to schedule during the colder months to help with faster recovery.


Medical tourism in the Philippines is also making a name for its prime medical services at a competitive price range. Of course, the prices vary depending on the nature of the surgery. Still, medical facilities in the Philippines offer plastic surgery procedures at a lower cost compared to its neighboring countries.

However, do not be deceived by the lower prices because plastic surgery in the Philippines produces excellent results. Its capital city, Manila, is home to many clinics that offer topnotch medical service by industry professionals. There are many internationally accredited medical facilities in the country, five of which are certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is a healthcare accreditation and certification body that ensures that hospitals and clinics give nothing but the best service to medical tourists. Plastic surgeons in the Philippines are also very skilled from years of experience dealing with local and foreign clients and their international training.

Aside from plastic surgery, the Philippines is also a hotspot for tourists around the world. There are various historical, cultural, and natural destinations you can visit. From Manila alone, you may visit many museums, cathedrals, and national parks, as well as restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. On the outskirts of the city, you can find many beaches, falls, mountains and other environmental sites to appreciate the country’s forest and marine life.

The total cost of traveling in the Philippines is generally also cheaper. There are affordable accomodations like hotels and apartments. There are also many forms of transportation to choose from, like taxis, buses, rail transit, jeepneys, shuttle vans, and tricycles. Locals are also known to be hospitable and fluent in English, so it wouldn’t be hard to ask people around. Though, from December to February, the cost of traveling may be higher as these months are considered peak seasons for tourists.


Much like South Korea, plastic surgery in Singapore can be considered a luxury, especially compared to countries like the Philippines. However, you are sure to get your money’s worth if you do decide to have your operation. Many of their medical facilities are also JCI-accredited. The country combines healthcare services with premium concierge services, offering its clients with luxury rooms, around-the-clock culinary services, and hotel and spa amenities.

Singapore is also home for urban and luxury hotspots where you can find top restaurants and shopping malls. There are also botanical gardens, parks, and reserves for nature lovers.


Malaysia is not the first place you have in mind when talking about plastic surgery. However, in recent years, their local government has put importance in promoting their topnotch medical facilities to overseas patients. The result is improving medical service catered to international clients.

Make your visit worth it by going to various locations within Malaysia. Hop On Hop Off Bus takes you to tourist spots, museums, and heritage sights. There are also malls and commercial plazas, where you can dine in several restaurants, cafes, food courts, and hawker stalls. A majority of the locals also speak English, making communication easier.


Like its neighboring Asian countries, Thailand is becoming internationally known in terms of plastic surgery. There are several internationally accredited medical facilities in the country. In fact, Thailand is the first Asian country to receive accreditation from JCI.

If you do decide to have your surgery in Thailand, there are many things you can do before or after the operation. It is known for its floating markets, ancient temples and royal palaces around the city. The country also has a vibrant nightlife where you can experience food stalls, night markets, and bazaars. Accommodation is also not a problem. Khoa San Road, Siam Square, Sukhumvit, Thonburi, and Silom are known to offer various places depending on your budget.

These are only a few of the Asian countries you may consider in terms of medical tourism. If you are looking for excellent quality medical service on a budget, the Philippines will be a safe bet for you. If you are not limited when it comes to money, any of these countries can give you the results of your dreams. Make sure to do your research, and you will be in the right hands.