As a result of the rise of beauty bloggers and influencers everywhere, many people are becoming more interested in achieving that bright, flawless skin. In recent years, South Korea has made a name for itself in the beauty industry. Various Asian and international beauty enthusiasts look to the local scene for the latest beauty trends, especially in terms of Korean skin whitening products.

Korean skin care is especially famous in Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan, just to name a few. Women around the world are envious of the Korean skin glow, as seen in various Korean actresses, idols, and beauty bloggers. The great thing is that you don’t have to go all the way to Korea just to have a wonderful complexion. All you need is the right tips and tricks and you too will have the perfect skin like your favorite Korean star.

Here are some of the Korean skin care secrets you need to know to achieve the Korean glowing skin.

Beauty Is Inside and Out

Though there is strong emphasis on skin whitening products, Korean beauty culture is all about wellness and nourishing your body. For most Koreans, skin care is part of a holistic, healthy lifestyle, rather than just about aesthetics. So it is important to think about beauty from the inside out. Make sure to have a balanced lifestyle, exercise regularly, avoid vices (like smoking and drinking), and maintain a healthy diet. Also, avoid stress and always take time to mentally recharge.

Nourish the Skin and Protect It From the Sun

Any Korean skin care secret starts with a good base, a healthy skin. Maintaining a diet with proper nutrients such as Vitamin C, E, A, Selenium, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids that will help in maintaining healthy skin. Koreans also recommend drinking barley tea, which is full of antioxidants and helps improve the blood flow. If your diet still lacks nutrients that are needed by your skin, you may opt to take skin care vitamins or supplements. It is a growing trend in Korea, though make sure to consult with a doctor about it first as an improper dosage can lead to skin ailments.

It is also important to protect the skin from excessive sunlight. Of course, basking in the sun is essential to nourish your skin with Vitamin D. However, too much exposure can harm the skin. Korean skin is more susceptible to pigmentation, so most Koreans do not leave the house without applying sunscreen against harmful UVA/UVB rays. They also avoid direct sunlight by wearing hats or using an umbrella as much as possible.

Facial Massage Improves the Skin

Another Korean skin care secret is facial massage. It is one of the most important aspects of skin care certification in Korea. Facial massages improve the skin’s health by applying physical stimulation to the muscles. It promotes blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to keep the skin healthy. The method is considered anti-aging, strengthening the elasticity of the skin, which also prevents wrinkles. It is recommended to go to a professionally trained aesthetician so that you can experience detoxifying effects of the massage.

If you do not have time to consult a professional, you can still do this at home every day. Using your finger, do circular motions and apply gentle pressure to your chin. Work upwards to your cheeks, around your eyes, and up your forehead. Make sure to massage opposite the direction of the wrinkle lines.

Layer Different Products

One of the top Korean skin care secrets is layering. You might be used to using only a facial wash and moisturizer for your routine. However, to achieve the glass-like complexion, you need to use layers of different skin whitening products. Exfoliants, toners, moisturizers, essences, and sleeping packs are all vital parts of the skin care routine.

Exfoliate but Be Cautious About It

Exfoliating and cleansing are essential to prep the skin before using Korean skin whitening products. By exfoliating, you are removing the dead skin, though you need to be gentle with this step so you won’t damage the healthy skin underneath. Korean women adjust their exfoliating routine based on their skin’s needs.

Cleansing Once Is Never Enough

Cleansing is vital in eliminating excess oil, dirt, and bacteria on your skin to avoid premature aging, dark spots, and breakouts. It is better to do this step in three parts. First, remove stubborn impurities on your skin by using a cleansing tissue. Make sure you cover areas like the eyes and neck. Then, massage an oil cleanser to remove oil-based impurities. Lastly, to remove water-based impurities, wash your face using a cleansing foam.

Hydration Is Key for Dewy Skin

Koreans are known for their radiant, dewy, glow. Hydration is the key to achieving such. Sheet masks and mists are some basic products you can use. For sheet masks, use a charcoal variant to further detoxify and exfoliate your skin. It is also helpful to have a trio of water, refiner, and emulsion in your routine. The three products serve different purposes:

  • Waters hydrates and nourishes the skin after cleansing
  • Refiners refine pores, improve skin clarity, and smoothen the skin texture
  • Emulsions balance oil and moisture in the skin to ensure that the skin absorbs the other skin care products that you apply

There are also several eye creams and primers available which are infused with pearl extracts, hiding imperfections and helps the skin look luminous. If you have dry skin, you may use facial essence and serum alongside your moisturizer.

Tap Instead of Rubbing Skin Care Products

Korean skin care secrets rely even on the smallest details of the routine. You have to treat your skin like a fragile surface. Instead of rubbing the product into the skin, gently do a tapping motion. Rubbing techniques pull and drag the skin, damaging the skin structure. On the other hand, tapping increases the absorption and effectiveness of the product. It also helps with the blood flow, which results in glowing skin. So, when using essences, serums, and moisturizers, tap it lightly into your skin.

Hopefully, these skin care tips will help in improving the look and quality of your skin. Delving into an entirely new routing may be intimidating. You can start slowly and incorporate different things into your current routine one-by-one. Also, it doesn’t hurt to try out different products to see what best suits your skin. It might be pricey and time consuming to use all these Korean skin whitening products. However, always keep in mind that this would be a good investment for your beauty and overall health of your skin.