How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in South Korea?


In recent years, women have turned to breast augmentation to improve the overall silhouette of their body. With that said, any plastic surgery procedure, including breast surgery, can be an expensive endeavor. For most of these patients, it’s something that they earn money to pursue the said change. As a result, many who aspire to undergo plastic surgery look into medical tourism to achieve the same results, for a much lower price.

Asia has been a hotspot for medical tourists, especially for breast surgery. South Korea in particular makes a name for itself for its innovative techniques, being offered at more competitive prices. As travel restrictions are starting to ease, planning out your surgery overseas might be a viable option for you!

Breast Augmentation Cost in South Korea


Breast augmentation cost in South Korea depends on a variety of factors, so the prices may vary depending on your needs. With that said, the operation can range from $2500, for an entry-level patient, to $15000.

The type of breast surgery you are undergoing affects the cost of your operation. A primary breast augmentation charges less, while a revision surgery costs more as it’s more complex.

The doctor’s experience also plays a role in determining the cost of breast augmentation. Of course, a more experienced doctor, most likely, charges slightly more. Also, more prominent clinics usually offer higher prices for their procedures.

Lastly, the type of implant makes a huge difference in the total cost of your surgery in South Korea. Higher quality implants are usually more expensive. Most clinics and plastic surgeons in South Korea use Motiva® Implants for their breast augmentation procedure. Motiva® is a brand of high-quality breast implants, with scientific innovations that bring safety and aesthetic improvements, yet affordable in cost.

For international patients, these prices usually involve not only the surgical procedure but also other things they need to have an operation overseas. Some breast augmentation clinics in Korea include accommodation, language assistance, transfer, consultation, and post-operative care.

Furthermore, some clinics offer a 1-year warranty, but not all of them. All Motiva® Implants are covered by the Always Confident Warranty®, covering cases of rupture for the lifetime of the implant. It is also under a Product Replacement Policy that covers cases of capsular contracture with Baker Grades III or IV, within 10 years after the initial operation.


Apart from your flights, one of the biggest costs for breast augmentation in Korea is accommodation. As mentioned earlier, some surgery packages include accommodation for foreign patients. However, if your clinic of choice doesn’t offer a place to stay during your travel, do not worry as there are various options available. 

Accommodations in South Korea range from ₩20,000 to ₩200,000 per night. It encompasses a dorm bed in a budget hostel to a high-end hotel room. In your travels, you’ll probably be with someone to take care of you during post-operation. A room for two people can cost around ₩180,000 on average.

As South Korea has become popular with medical tourists, rental prices have increased throughout the years. Also, prices stay the same in most cities, though prices usually rise during spring and autumn, when festivities usually happen.


For any type of trip, public transport plays a crucial role in bringing you from one place to another. If you’re having breast augmentation in South Korea, transportation is vital, especially during recovery when you’re limited with your movement. The country has a cheap and convenient transport system between cities. 

Here is the average cost of different public transport in South Korea:

  • Subway and Bus – ₩1,300
  • Taxi – between ₩2,800 to ₩6,500 (with additional ₩100 depending on time or distance traveled)
  • Transport between Cities – ₩43,918
  • Air Flight- depends on the country and airline


Food is one of the most integral parts of not only your travel in South Korea but also your breast surgery. A healthy diet helps you prepare for your operation, and it helps you have a fast and safe recovery. South Koreans are known for their healthy and balanced meals, making it ideal for breast surgery patients. 

Food in South Korea is generally affordable. Again, prices vary on the place you choose to dine in. Street food stalls and upmarket places are cheaper compared to fine-dining restaurants. Daily food budget costs around ₩29,500 on average. 

For foreign patients, convenience store food items are popular as prices can cost less than US$1. However, for a healthy diet, you need to be cautious about your food choices. More healthy options can cause more rather than unhealthy options.

Those are the average breakdown of breast augmentation cost in South Korea. When planning your trip, remember to not only consider your surgery but also other things you would need as a foreign patient. 

With that said, breast augmentation in South Korea is comparatively more expensive than in other Asian countries. As plastic surgery in the country becomes more in demand worldwide, the price rises higher. Other Asian countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and more also have equally credible surgeons, offering procedures at a competitive price.

Furthermore, Motiva® Breast Implants have been cleared for commercial distribution in over 60 countries worldwide, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.