Difference Between Breast Fillers and Breast Augmentation in Malaysia

You might have noticed how cosmetic medical devices have improved over the years. Constant innovation and in-depth research have played an important role when it comes to cosmetic breakthroughs. An example of its breakthroughs were breast fillers and breast implants. These cosmetic products help women with their needs when it comes to enhancing the projection of their breasts.

The demand for these cosmetic products and services has spread all throughout the world, including in Asian countries. The reason for this demand is that the majority of Asian women’s breast sizes are smaller compared to Western women.

In a study, even though South Korea has been long renowned for its cosmetic market, other Asia-Pacific nations like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are competing and opening their cosmetic markets to cater to the needs of both local and foreign markets, offering breast fillers and breast implants.

But what is the difference between the two? Are they safe to use? How much would it cost?

What Are Breast Fillers?

Breast fillers are a non-invasive procedure. Using a microdroplet technique, fat is carefully injected into various breast regions during a breast filler treatment. Once it is injected, the woman’s body will absorb it for a short time span. Thus, adding volume and aesthetic projection to the woman’s breasts. Dermal fillers and breast fillers are comparable.

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are medical devices that are inserted beneath the breast tissue or chest muscle to either enlarge breast size (augmentation), replace breast tissue that has been lost due to cancer or trauma, or fails to develop normally as a result of a severe breast deformity, or both (reconstruction). They are also utilized in revision procedures, which aim to modify or correct the outcome of a prior breast procedure.

What Are the Materials Used for Breast Implants and Breast Fillers?

Cosmetic medical devices can greatly enhance user experience. For instance, a sturdy aesthetic design is required for them. These cosmetic medical devices will be left exposed to the chemicals within the patient’s body. It is vital that they are well-designed enhancing the user’s experience by enabling the equipment to function under difficult circumstances without losing quality.

There are two major types of materials used for breast implants: silicone and saline. This silicone is created from inert components like silicon oil and filler. Due to its lack of toxicity or bioactivity, it has FDA approval for use in breast implants. On the other hand, saline implants are created using sterile seawater. Additionally, due to the fact that they don’t contain any hazardous substances that are damaging to your body, they have FDA approval for usage in breast augmentation. However, other women prefer Silicone breast implants since it has less rippling sensation.

One brand of silicone breast implants, namely Motiva®  implants, is gaining popularity because it helps women achieve a natural-looking aesthetic breast projection while proving that it is safe to use.

If you’re looking for a natural-looking breast projection that follows the natural movement of your breast, Motiva Ergonomix®  is a breast implant that mimics the dynamics of natural breast tissue. This breast implant is a middle ground between Motiva Round® and  anatomical, offering you the best of both worlds when it comes to its shape. Outgoing women would find this type of breast implant fascinating while giving them the comfort to move freely without worrying about the shape of it as they move because it’s capable of mimicking the breast tissue’s natural movement.

One of its unique features, the ProgressiveGel Ultima®, is a gel which is responsible for filling up the breast implant capsule. Its unique viscoelastic properties create a round shape when the patient is lying down and transform into a natural teardrop shape when the patient is in a standing position.

The SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® shell of Motiva® implants was created via 3D nanotechnology imprinting. By limiting bacterial growth and attachment, this smooth surface lowers the likelihood of capsular contracture, late seroma, and Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Additionally, it enables your cosmetic surgeon to place the implant with fewer incisions, leaving fewer scars.

Your cosmetic surgeon can visually examine Motiva® implants with the help of the BluSeal®  safety feature. It’s a barrier layer that has a light blue tint providing a visual hint that the implant is good to use and doesn’t have any breast implant-related defects.

Moreover, the TrueMonobloc® is another feature of Motiva®  that is designed to harmonize the shell-gel-patch interaction of these devices. This reduces rippling and wrinkles while enabling insertion through much smaller incisions than the standard size (as small as 2.5 cm).

An alternative for breast augmentation is “boob jab” or breast fillers. This commonly uses hyaluronic acid, a substance that is already present in your body naturally. In order to make a hyaluronic acid injection work, your body will absorb and degrade it, and if you’re not happy with the results, a short enzyme injection will quickly break down the filler and remove it.

These dermal fillers are injected through the breast to add more volume and shape to the breast surfaces. Yet, the FDA advises against using injectable body fillers, including dermal fillers, for contouring and enhancing breast size. 

Moreover, many people who receive these injections observe that their results diminish over time. The kind of treatment you received is just one of many variables that will affect how long it takes to see effects (and how long they stay).

How Much Are Breast Fillers and Breast Implants?

The cost of breast filler and breast implants may vary depending on the brand and the overall cost of the procedure, which will be computed by your cosmetic surgeon. However, the breast filler procedure would cost around $6900 to $8900. As for breast implants in Malaysia, they may cost between MYR 30,000 and MYR 35,000.

Meanwhile, The price of breast augmentation in South Korea can vary depending on your needs as a result of a number of factors. Thus, the cost of the procedure can range up to $20,000 depending on the complexity of the whole procedure. The price for breast fillers in South Korea may vary depending on the brand and its type. It’s advisable to consult your cosmetic surgeon about it

Are They Safe to Use?

In general, breast implants are safe to use as long as they have undergone proper safety tests. There are a small number of rare breast implant complications. However, it is less risky if compared to breast fillers. 

In the latest clinical data, Establishment Labs, the makers of Motiva®, proudly announced that around 1,288,000 Motiva breast implants have been implanted globally between October 2010 and September 2020. In an 8-year post-market surveillance, it is shown that there are less than 1% rates of capsular contracture among Motiva® Implants. Also, according to a 6-year prospective study, the brand has zero implant-related events including, rupture, double capsule, and late seroma.

There are countries like Singapore that ban the use of breast fillers. The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore strongly forbids using injectable fillers to increase breast size. This is mostly caused by its high rate of complications. The unanticipated adverse effects of breast fillers are also present. 

Plastic surgeons claim that getting fat injected into your breasts can cause false positive results for breast cancer screening. Additionally, only a small portion of the fat survives when it is transplanted into the breast. It is highly erratic. Some surgeons think that just 25% of the fat survives, while others think that up to 75% of the fat can survive when it is injected.

Breast fillers are also not recommended for people who require a breast lift because their breasts are sagging. However, Malaysia still allows breast filler operations within its clinics.


Breast fillers and breast implants do share a common goal of enhancing the breasts’ aesthetic projection. These cosmetic medical devices have proved that they can make breasts firmer and may add more volume.

They may vary when it comes to their respective material composition, their pricing, and how they are applied by cosmetic surgeons. Before you avail them or have your breast augmentation, it is highly necessary for you to consult your cosmetic surgeon in order for you to have a deeper understanding of your body and what would be the safest cosmetic medical devices for you. Since each body is unique from one another and may react differently toward these cosmetic medical devices.

If you want to explore more about breast augmentation outside South Korea, then, you may want to check out breast augmentation in countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, or Singapore, where you’ll find competent cosmetic surgeons with up-to-date medical equipment and facilities.