Considering Breast Augmentation in Malaysia with Motiva Implants®?

South Korea is among those countries in Asia known for cosmetic surgery. Other foreign patients see it as a go-to destination for breast augmentation as they provide a wide array of breast implants and other medical devices. It has been estimated that every year, more than 70,000 patients visit South Korean clinics for breast augmentation. Moreover, South Koreans are embracing this opportunity to have a chance to have as many options in choosing what type of breast implants they want for themselves.

Yet, the rising demand would also mean a price increase in those services and medical devices. The reason why other foreign patients are actively looking for an alternative country that will host their breast augmentation. One of those countries is Malaysia. Malaysia’s breast augmentation industry is gaining momentum because of the help of the government and its active participation in promoting medical tourism.

In terms of breast implants, there are various options available in Malaysia. One of your options is Motiva Implants®, more specifically Motiva Ergonomix®.

To help you to understand more about breast augmentation in Malaysia, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect during your procedure and the benefits you can get from using Motiva Ergonomix®.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation helps women to enhance the projection of their breasts with the use of silicone implants. Most Asian women wouldn’t want to have an exaggerated bigger breast size, but they do have an ideal breast size that is firm and looks natural.

Breast augmentation is done for women who also want to fix the sagging of their breasts. For those who do have breast asymmetry, breast augmentation can reshape its overall structure and transform it to their ideal breast form. Meanwhile, breast reconstruction surgery is an option for women who have undergone mastectomy due to breast cancer in order to restore the breast’s natural form and appearance.

Malaysia’s medical tourism is gaining momentum, particularly when it comes to breast augmentation services. Foreign patients are taking this opportunity to try something new.

Going for a Breast Augmentation in Malaysia Is More Than Just Having Bigger Implants Size

When it comes to choosing a breast implant, safety and aesthetic is one of the first things that comes to a woman’s mind. That’s why it’s necessary for you to consult your surgeon for an expert opinion when it comes to choosing breast implants. By understanding your needs, your surgeon will be able to determine a brand of breast implant that will enhance your breast projection based on your expectation and, at the same time, would also look and feel natural.

Aside from implant size, there are other factors you need to look for. For instance, the implant projection (how far it extends forward in front of your chest) is vital to create natural-looking results. Silicone implants also tend to be softer compared to saline implants.

The incision size also matters. The smaller the incision, the more possibility it forms a non-noticeable scar after recovery. It may also lead to a faster healing period, which may result in fewer complications.

Motiva Ergonomix® is a silicone breast implant that is gaining popularity among Malaysian women, including foreign patients. The reason for this is that it is not only safe to use but provides them with a natural breast projection.

Motiva Implants® the 6th generation Breast Implants in Malaysia

Motiva Implants® is proud to be the 6th generation of breast implants. This silicone breast implant is a by-product of years of scientific research and medical testing, which is done under the lens of meticulous and professional medical engineers.

Its Motiva Ergonomix® implants are made to freely follow the natural movements of a woman’s breasts. It holds a round shape when you’re lying down, while it forms a natural tear-drop shape when you’re in an upright position. Moreover, this can be a choice for someone who prefers a natural breast projection without restraining their movements.

The SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® is a bioengineered, cell-friendly surface. It reduces less friction because of its smooth nanotextured outer surface. This results in an almost 0% overall complication rate like early seroma, capsular contracture, and rupture, according to a 6-year prospective study.

Another feature by Motiva Ergonomix® is the ProgressiveGel Ultima®. It is a silicone gel designed to prevent rare cases of gel fracture. Its next-generation silicone gel fills up the silicone implants, providing a natural aesthetic breast projection.

Other patients are concerned with the durability of breast implants. The TrueMonobloc®  is a tensile and tear resistance shell configuration that can withstand a huge amount of stress being done by the surgeon during a breast augmentation. In addition, this would help the surgeons to insert the breast implants with a roughly 2.5 cm incision.

Moreover, the BluSeal® barrier-layer is another safety feature of Motiva Ergonomix®. This provides Malaysian surgeons to visually inspect the Motiva Implants®  for any implant related deformities  before they insert it into their patients.

The Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®) is another safety innovation by Motiva®. It’s a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared biocompatible passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) that stores the patients’ medical and breast implant information. It grants your surgeon access to your medical information and checks your breast implant information. All of these are being done externally with the use of a handheld reader (Motiva Qid® Reader).

In an uncommon twist of rare events like implant ruptures, Motiva®  ensures your protection and  will replace your breast implants with the same implants as recommended by your surgeon through the Always Confident Warranty® .

You’re also entitled to a Product Replacement Policy since all Motiva Implants® are covered by their replacement procedure in the rare event of capsular contracture with Baker grades III and IV in a span of 10 years after your breast augmentation of the damaged breast implant.

Is Doing Breast Augmentation With Motiva Implants® in Malaysia Cheaper Compared to Other Countries?

Yes. Breast augmentation in Malaysia with Motiva Implants® such as the Motiva Ergonomix® is relatively affordable compared to other countries, including South Korea. But this doesn’t mean the quality of service would be compromised.  The price estimate for  breast implants in Malaysia would range from about 30,000 MYR -35,000 MYR (6,517 USD- 7,603 USD).  These prices may vary depending on the type of breast implant being used and other factors. 

Picking Malaysia as the host country for your breast augmentation would surely be an unforgettable and memorable experience for you. You’ll find yourself immersed in their rich and wonderful culture. At the same time, you’ll be taken care of by their experienced surgeons in their modern medical facilities.