Common Mistakes to Avoid After Breast Augmentation


One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures today is breast augmentation. As women opt to find ways to boost their confidence and self-esteem, undergoing breast surgery to enhance their breast appearance is one of their ways to cope up. However, it is vital to note that before having any plastic surgery procedures, being physically and emotionally prepared is a must to allow the body and mind to recover well. 

Further, before and after the breast augmentation surgery, taking the surgeon’s advice is essential, otherwise you might end up with serious complications. Taking into account the post-operative guidelines will increase the chance of achieving the desired results and an efficient recovery. The recovery period after breast augmentation is crucial, which makes taking care of the body vital.

After the surgery, expect a decline on the energy level of the body, that is why having enough rest and relaxation is advised. Breaking away from vigorous activities is also advised, and is a great help for your body’s recovery. Moreover, there are still plenty of common breast augmentation mistakes to avoid and it includes: 

A. Wearing the same bra instead of Post-surgical bra.

Breast augmentation increases and enhances the size of the breasts, which makes it not a good idea to keep using the same bras after the procedure. Also, avoid wearing underwired bras for at least a month after the procedure. This can interfere with the incisions in the breast, affecting the healing process. With that, advisable to wear surgical bras after the procedure to let the breast feel comfortable and in place. It also is important and useful for an efficient and faster breast augmentation recovery.

B. Stomach Sleeping after Breast Surgery.

Healing process requires sleep, however some women are comfortable sleeping on their stomach. Surgeons recommend to sleep on the back as long as possible after the surgery. Sleeping on the stomach could place a strain on your back and spine. Also, as the procedure just happened, this is not advisable as it will put too much pressure on the breast that could lead to pain and discomfort. Also, sleeping on your stomach gives a slight chance that implants may prevent from settling in place. Although there are no engraved rules to follow concerning the sleep position after the breast surgery, some tips could be helpful in acquiring a good sleep like using a pillow wedge under the side to keep you in place or sleep at an elevated angle to relieve pressure from the incision.

C. Performing strenuous exercise until 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery.

Exercise is a vital way to keep fit and healthy, although after the surgery, there are some restrictions when it comes to exercising to protect the surgical site and prevent certain complications. Most surgeons have general guidelines for limiting strenuous and heavy lifting after breast surgery. This is because the risks associated with performing such activities would lead to bleeding, incision opening, and implants shifting. Instead of having heavy exercise within the first weeks of the surgery, recommended activities are light walking at home that is good for circulation and helps prevent blood clots.

D. Smoking and Drinking Alcohol.

Smoking or tobacco use does not affect breast augmentation surgery as significantly but it negatively impacts the body’s ability to heal, same with alcohol consumption. Furthermore, smoking and alcohol consumption constricts blood flow. With this, it is crucial to avoid the intake of alcohol and tobacco after the procedure and while there is prescribed pain medication for faster and better breast augmentation recovery and results.

Those are the common mistakes to avoid after breast augmentation. For successful results after the surgery, it is vital to take note of the dos and don’ts after the procedure. Besides, following the surgeon’s detailed  information and advice about the recovery process, and the recommended aftercare measures to take in the case is a must. 

Furthermore, being informed enables patients to have peace of mind. Taking a bit of research before and after undergoing breast augmentation will help determine the must dos and don’ts for a safe and aesthetic breast augmentation outcomes.  Read more about plastic surgery procedures, like breast augmentation here. If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation, contact us for assistance.