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Medical tourism has now become a growing industry. Many people are flocking to countries, like South Korea, to have their plastic surgery procedures, especially breast augmentation. Medical clients are opting to have their operation in other countries due to various reasons like better facilities, experienced medical professionals, or lower cost. Another factor that affects their decision is because of the various tourism sites that they can visit during their recovery period. Why not achieve your dream body and have a relaxing vacation rolled into one trip?

If you are looking into visiting Korea for surgery, you might also want to plan a small getaway while you’re at it. Check out the possible activities for you to do during your breast augmentation recovery.

Fun Activities to Do during Breast Augmentation Recovery

Yes, there are restrictions you need to follow during breast augmentation recovery. However, these shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time in Korea. There are endless activities that you can still enjoy without putting your body at risk.

Visit Heritage Sites

breast augmentation recovery south korea

South Korea is known for mixing modernity with its rich history. This is showcased by the various historical and heritage sites throughout the country. One of the top tourist sites is the Gyeongbukgung Palace, built during the Joseon Dynasty. You can rent and wear a traditional hanbok while walking around various quarters and the throne room. You may also want to visit places like Insadong and Ikseon-dong, where you can visit traditional tea houses that offer exotic tea flavors and traditional snacks.

Go to Local Markets and Shopping Districts

breast augmentation recovery south korea

Markets and shopping districts can give you different experiences in just one visit. There are a lot of things to see when you go to traditional Korean markets. Some shops sell Korean style items, household, textile, and clothing. The markets are also known for the various food stalls that offer delicacies that you won’t find in a regular restaurant. Namdemun and Gwang-jang Market are popular among tourists.

There are also underground shopping areas connected to the subway. Here, you can find an array of clothing, make-up, shoes, accessories, and household goods—this a chance for you to shop for new clothes that fit your new body.

Take a Ferry Ride

Aside from traveling on land, you may also enjoy the city through a ferry ride. Many themed cruises on the Han river are offered for couples and groups. Enjoy the picturesque view with live music performances and dining.

Experience Korean Entertainment

Korea is also known for its growing entertainment industry. If you are a fan of Kpop, you can go to a concert of your favorite idols. There are also many singing rooms around the city that you can rent by the hour and have a wide selection of popular Korean, Japanese, and English songs.

Travel Outside the City

If you are well into your breast augmentation recovery, and with the permission of your doctor, you can explore more places outside the city. There are more heritage sites, local markets, and other tourist spots that are at least an hour away from Seoul. There are also nearby islands you can visit for a relaxing getaway.

Activities to Avoid during Breast Augmentation Recovery

It is easy to be carried away when planning a trip overseas, but you should not forget your primary focus in visiting the country. Of course, you want to make the most of your time as a tourist. However, always keep in mind that you are healing from a medical operation. So, there are limitations that you need to set for your trip.

Avoid doing any strenuous activities during your recovery. This includes working out in the gym, doing sports, or spending a lot of time on your feet. A little bit of walking around would not hurt your body; in fact, it can help with your blood circulation. Instead of going for a packed schedule, you may opt to have a bus tour. You can still visit and explore different sites without worrying or straining your body because of hopping from one mode of transportation to another. Give yourself a few days of rest and relaxation, and always adhere to your doctor’s advice.

Excessive movement will heat up your body, which stretches and loosens the skin around the incision. This may lead to the deformation of the breast shape or irritation. With that said, if you’re going to have plastic surgery, it is better to do it during the colder months. The lower temperature is beneficial to have a better healing process.

Also, during breast augmentation recovery, watch what you eat. It is tempting to try out foods that you haven’t tried before, but take note of the nutritional value you’re intaking. Most Korean food is spicy, which can affect the healing of your wounds. Though, many local options contain fruits and vegetables that provide the essential nutrients that you will need for your recovery. Slow down your appetite and have as light meals as possible.

Having plastic surgery should not be stressful. Tag-a-long a friend or family member to accompany you throughout the whole process to take care of you, and at the same time share the memories of travelling. Make most of your trip by allowing yourself to enjoy new experiences that are not beyond your body’s capability after the surgery. There are still a lot of things for you to explore in Korea. Have a fun, fulfilling, and safe trip!